History of the Soldiers

The War Years (1941 – 1946)

Japanese American Nisei Soldiers overcame discrimination and adversity to serve their country and became the most highly decorated soldiers of WWII. Their struggle to overcome prejudice and demonstrate their loyalty to the United States is a story to which many of us can relate.

Their stories can inspire, teach and empower all of us, and is one that needs to be shared. This is the mission of the NVN.

Pearl Harbor
On December 7, 1941 at 7:48 AM Hawaiian time, the Imperial Japanese Navy launched a surprise attack against the United States naval forces at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
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Following Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, anti- Japanese sentiment reached a fevered pitch. Japanese who immigrated to America in search of economic opportunity as well as Americans of Japanese ancestry became victims of mass hysteria.
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Serving in the U.S. Army
Despite prejudice, harassment, incarceration and injustice, more than 33,000 second-generation Japanese Americans (Nisei) volunteered to serve in the U.S. Army during World War II.
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Returning Home to the United States
In 1945, residents of the West Coast camps were allowed to return to their homes. The last camp at Tule Lake closed on March 28, 1946.
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