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U.S. Army Exhibition

Nisei Soldier Experience Presenting Sponsors

Charles and Helen Moriyama
Helen S. Moriyama
in honor of Colonel Charles H. Moriyama, Military Intelligence Service

The Aratani Foundation
Sakaye Aratani, Linda Aratani and Donna Kwee
in memory of George Tetsuo Aratani, Military Intelligence Service

Wallace K. Tsuha Foundation
Wallace K. Tsuha
in memory of Sgt. Larry B. Nakamoto, Military Intelligence Service and Morimasa Maeshiro, 100th Infantry Battalion

Nisei Soldier Experience Exhibit Sponsors

Donna Cole and Tami
in memory of George K. Fujimoto, 442nd RCT

Col. Joseph Y. Kurata, US Army, Retired

Gen. Eric K. Shinseki, U.S. Army (Retired) and Mrs. Patty Shinseki and Family
in memory of SSG Herbert Y. Ishii, 100th Inf Bn; SSG Michael M. Tokunaga, 100th Inf BN; PFC Hiroshi “Roscoe” Haruki, 442nd RCT; PFC Motomi Shigeta, 100th Inf Bn; and PVT Chica Y. Ishii, U.S. Army, WW II.

Henri and Tomoye Takahashi Charitable Foundation

Chicago Nisei Post No. 1183, the American Legion
in honor of all Japanese American WWII soldiers

Nisei Veterans Committee, Seattle
in honor of all soldiers of the Nisei Veterans Committee

Susan Muroshige Omura
in honor of Company B, 100th Infantry Battalion

Soicihiro Fukutake
in honor of Daniel K. Inouye, 442nd Regimental Combat Team

The Inatome Family
in memory of Joseph T Inatome, Military Intelligence Service

Joyce Yamane and Stephen Waite
in honor of MSG Kazuo Yamane, 100th Infantry Battalion and Military Intelligence Service

The Abe Family
in memory of Victor H. Abe, Military Intelligence Service

Teruko Fujikawa
in memory of Osamu Sam Fujikawa, 100th Infantry Battalion

Michael and Debbie Hirai
in memory of Robert Minoru Fujihara, 100th Infantry Battalion

Dale and Deborah Ikeda
in honor of Hifumi Ikeda, MIS

Iwasaki, Sakauye and Tsunenaga Families
in memory of Arthur Iwasaki, 442nd RCT

Japanese Ancestral Society of Portland

The Kobayashi Family
in memory of 1st Lt. Tadao Kobayashi, MIS

The families of Clyde Matsumoto, Allen Matsumoto, Dawn Matsumoto Ehrlich and Tami Matsumoto Filar
in memory of Col. Tsutomu Matsumoto (Ret.), Military Intelligence Service

Mari and Harry Okabayashi
in memory of Tommie Okabayashi, 442nd RCT

Eddie and Carole Kai Onouye
in memory of Larry Manabu Shimizu, Military Intelligence Service

Portland JACL

The Sagami Family
in memory of T.Sgt. Wakao Charles Sagami, 442nd RCT

The Sagami Family
in memory of Private Yohei Sagami, 442nd RCT

The Sakai Family
in memory of Tech 5 Isamu Sakai, Military Intelligence Service

Dennis and Brenda Teranishi

Jim Tochihara Family
in memory of Pvt. Jim Naouki Tochihara, MIS

The Tojo Family
in memory of James Tojo, MIS and Rufus Tojo, 442nd RCT

Matsue Watanabe and family
in honor of the Nisei veterans

Langston and Amy White
in honor of 1st Sgt. Ronald “Buster” Minami, 442nd RCT

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